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Approaching strategic growth financing
as a long term capital investment partner

Investment Team

The Structural Capital team has over 85 years of investment, operating and entrepreneurial experience and have invested well over $2B in highly successful businesses with serial entrepeneurs.

What we do

We create long-term partnerships with growth-stage technology companies

We create long-term partnerships with growth-stage technology companies

Working with top-tier venture capital and private equity sponsors, Structural Capital is an investment firm providing growth capital financing to companies in technology and technology enabled markets.

Every year the path to a successful IPO or a strong M&A continues to get more complex and challenging. That same path over the last 17 years has grown in length over 2.5x. This combination of factors has applied stress to every facet of a private company’s business. From the investors and their funds, to management and their ownership, the continued need for capital and the extended time horizon have created a unique and challenging environment where only the most thoughtful, most forward thinking, and the most sophisticated financing partner can overcome these challenges and help management and venture capitalist achieve their desired outcomes.

We are dedicated to the successful execution of the visions of our entrepreneurs and we are there every step of the way for them. Whether it is the next ecommerce platform, storage system, chip, application software, or energy technology and beyond, we will be there and we will help.

customized credit solutions to growth-stage technology companies

Highlighted Businesses

The quality of our investment portfolio is paramount. With our capital and our influence, our companies create more value, receive significant M&A interest, and have a high likelihood of raising additional rounds of capital. We strive to maximize management team’s equity value and private equity's returns.

Financing Solutions

Customized credit solutions to suit your needs

Approaching strategic financing from a venture capital and operator viewpoint, not a commercial lender.

Proven Growth Credit Strategy

Our investment objective is to complement your equity investment, while helping you achieve successful milestones and increasing your valuation upon an exit.

Disciplined Underwriting

Our leadership team's successful track-record and reputation as established and disciplined underwriters allows us to deliver customized solutions with attractive structures to help you grow and manage your business.

Consistent Execution

Unwavering commitment to long term partnerships with our investments and delivering on promises. If we can’t do it, we don’t promise it.

Quality Companies

We are investing in and supporting the top growth focused business backed by serial entrepreneurs in strong sectors with the ability to substantially increase their value creation over time.


Let’s build great things together

Structural Capital offers a unique and differentiated approach to credit investing stemming from its deep understanding of companies, industries, and relationships with equity sponsors which allows it to provide both competitive tailored financing and value added portfolio company assistance.

The Managing Partners have 80+ years of combined experience and have invested well in excess of $2 billion of capital in debt and equity transactions in tech-related companies, helping management teams and investors alike to create more enterprise value and boosting returns.






Exit Value Created


Subsequent Equity Invested



InMobi's vision is to improve users' lives by enabling them to get the most value from mobile devices. They pioneer mobile discovery through personalized advertising experiences, enabling consumers to discover new products and services through contextual and curated recommendations on mobile devices.

Innovative Product

Through their revolutionary advertising & discovery platform, InMobi allows developers, merchants and brands to engage mobile consumers globally.

Growth Strategy

Recognized among Fast Company's 2016 'Most Innovative Companies in the World", InMobi reaches over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices worldwide with a goal to redefine business models in the mobile ecosystem through strategic partnerships with OEMs, telcos, e-commerce players, and media companies.

Achieving Profitability

Naveen Tewari, CEO and Co-founder at InMobi, believes that the company’s focus on building products and execution helped it scale revenues and achieve EBIDTA profitability.

Structural Capital - We provide customized credit solutions to growth-stage technology companies.

Our Solutions

We provide customized credit solutions to growth-stage technology companies.


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